Sunday, December 2, 2012

smile: a windbeat live @ A'bar

 a teacher from another school.. 
that shall not be mentioned..
because they're always number 1 in speech contests..
and always number 1 in everything academic..
threw a small event at a small bar called A'bar!
 they're actually all english teachers though.

 the opening act was the ukuladies! 
they were so cute! 

 this girl was real friendly, we went for a round after

 main event! windbeat!

 greeeeat show, loved the music.

 went to tone after, 
my usual spot after hirome.

 real good people,
on weekends a dj spins vinyl.. pretty sick..

all in all, another real good weekend!


Anonymous said...

You have a happy looking life. I'm happy for you. Everything is always so adventurous and exciting here. :)

maxdesu said...

I'm trying to stay as active as I can!