Thursday, December 27, 2012

aussies are cool

crazy aussies, i tell ya

completely butchering the English language

real dodgy English.

so t0s4juku has an exchange program with two schools in australia
these students came this year, really fun group of kids
they were all really, really different
and all really, really insane (puwahahaha)

these are pics from our crazy excursion day
we went to a botanical garden, a museum dedicated to a kochi hero
and a crazy art museum

hopefully they had a good time, i did!

they're all gone now, it's pretty cool having people you know
all over the world! 

hope these kids got something real precious from these short 
weeks in Kochi.. 

and not just a bunch of calories 
from creme puffs that they made me buy..


ps venthan wanted a shoutout, even if no one reads this blog
follow him on instagram @king_venthan

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