Thursday, October 18, 2012

suzuko-sensei in kochi!

my hula teacher back in hawaii 
(not that i did it seriously)
came to kochi!

this lady, suzuko-san!
she's a gospel hula missionary.

so there was a huuuuge party for her. 
there were at least 50 people there

twas good times!

everyone had some kind of performance, mainly hula..

and i turned into a kappa!

but us tosajuku teachers did kumi taisou


Monday, October 15, 2012

quick flicks, bunkasai, sports day, polo karaoke

 in japan we have two huge festivals
back to back. its intense.
the first one is the cultural festival.. but those pics 
are at the end, cause i'm too lazy to bring them up top.
 basically think of it as a short homecoming
all the students are divided up into 4 colors:
blue, red, white, green.

they compete in sports, mainly relays, and accumulate points
throughout the day.

 students also put on a 'cheer'
which is pretty much like a homecoming skit/cheer

they have a dance, express thanks to the crowd,
and they cheer. the crowd in the bleachers joins in as well!
this cheer is worth a certain number of points

 idk if you can see behind us but each color paints 2 murals.
they're judged on that as well.

so there are 3 awards
sports, mural, cheer.
the team with the highest number of points wins (duh)
last year, green swept it and took all three awards.

this year, my team,
(but we only won the sports and the mural awards)

recently i found a polo group
and we went to karaoke.
 this spot was so stink.
smelled like that party house
where everyone got trashed and reeks of alcohol and
febreeze.. or some other cleaning product..

next is bunkasai!
cultural festival!

 it's kind of like a school fair.
there's a stage, food, art, movies..

 and haunted ..houses? rooms?
i thought they'd be really poorly made, 
but they were actually kinda scary! 
i went into one with a group of girls that begged me to go in,
and two of the three came out crying.. haha

 the rooms are all decorated out.. pretty cool!

 recently i've been helping out the k-on!
basically a garage band club. 
i wish i had this back in high school..

 from setting up amps and drums and mics at camp..
setting this up was a sinch. everyone was amazed, 
and if i wasn't there.. idk if they could have done it..
but good fun. k-on is awesome!

i also slammed on some drums on this stage:

 bad kids.. haha

 i saw this after the sports day..
it's a sock, of Jesus..
idk how i feel about that.. bwahaha

really made me think.......

Sunday, October 14, 2012

rikiya in kochi!

 check it out! rikiya came to kochi! 

for those who don't know, he's a renowned artist.
he has done shows in hawaii, tokyo, kochi, new york.. 
all over the place.

i'm proud to say that he is my buddy from makiki church!
he is an amazing missionary, with a heart for God.
in front of the students, before painting, 
he said a word of prayer. hallelujah!

rikiya has cerebral palsy.
but that doesn't stop him from living life to the fullest
and for God.

he put a huge smile on the students' faces!

we went to hirome for lunch after class.

i'm always amazed at 
the strong bond that him and his mother have..
the amount of love they share is incredible

what an amazing meal. great friends, great fellowship.

 and God is good! we were on the kochi newspaper!
(and two news stations!)