Thursday, August 30, 2012

yosakoi yosakoi

 cheerio! cheerio! cheerio!

kochi is known for it's extravagant yosakoi festival,
here are some quick snaps from this year

 check out the hair on this one

 i was real happy when i took these photos,
as i was sitting in hirome with Acchan for five hours or so..

 lean like a cholo

yeah, i have some mixed opinions on yosakoi..
but i don't think i should write them here,
kochi-peeps'll hate me for it fosho.

i was really considering joining a team to make friends,
but i'm really, really glad i didn't... haha

Sunday, August 26, 2012

road trip! part 4: beppu, ferry!

 i went to beppu
which is famous for it's onsen

 among those famous onsen,
is a group of eight(?) 'themed' onsen called
jigoku meguri (tour of hell)

 pretty cool place, but kind of expensive, 
2000yen or so? but definitely worth the walk and sweat

 one of the 'hells' was a zoo!
the animals sit in onsen water all day and get fat

 this is shohei! he was the star of the show!

 you could eat eggs boiled in onsen water

 and even drink the onsen water!
(this is asuka, she hung out with me all day! mahalos!)

 so funny story:
we were walking behind two girls, maybe 25ish,
and one girl asks the other,
"so, what thoughts do you have regarding hell?"
"i've given it a lot of though after coming here..
i'm really sorry for all the bad things i've done,
i definitely don't want to go to hell after seeing this.."

uhm, guurrrrl, hell is a LOT worse than this

 they had an alligator/croc farm,
with maybe at least 100 crocs all around..
i think they just bred and went crazy

 there were some ashiyuu,
but it was super hot, intense hot.
and it was hot outside so it wasn't very nice..

 speaking to serika on the phone

 that night i went to a gospel choir concert

and decided right away that i was just going to leave and go home

 ferry! about 70 minutes.
about 8000yen for me and the car

 almost ran out of gas... lucky...

in total the trip was about 1600km. 
pretty good if you ask me! i had a great time.
i wish i had more money, then i could have stayed longer,
or gone to nagasaki, or kumamoto, or kagoshima..

but next time ah! we go!

Friday, August 24, 2012

road trip! part 3: fukuoka to oita!

another real good day in fukuoka

 a real good buddy of mine, Tsugeru
came out to hang out! mahalo!

 we walked a lot that day. 
chari-ya. kukusaikuru!

this is tsugeru's brother: Aogu
 took a break at kanako's cafe

 delicious girly drinks

 hung out for worship practice

 and then off to the beach! 
it was sooooo hot, the water was real nice,
watched the sunset

 this is their church,
they were kind enough to let me crash out here!
thanks Tsugeru! thanks Irie family!

 in the morning i drove to Oita
and went to service at Chapel Noah

 super lucky and caught a baptism!


 there, caught wind of a worship night back in fukuoka,
so drove 2 hours back to check it out.

 i was blown away at the level of musicality! 

Psalm 33:3
Sing to him a new song;
    play skillfully, and shout for joy. 



okaasan needs work with her composition, haha