Thursday, September 13, 2012

dinner with serika's family

 went out for some yakitori with serika's family!

 holy cow we laughed so much,
really funny group of people!

kiri-chan, nacchan, sho chan

 for some reason everyone thought it would be funny
to wear my glasses, hahaha

 and this is like the only picture i was in

good times, good times!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

three, two, one, polo!

 apparently for the past couple of years
there has been a polo scene here in kochi.

 the 'man in charge' of 103hbp runs a small cafe.
he lives upstairs, cafe is downstairs. 

kind of a cool life, i'd say. 

 anyway, on with the polo!
this was my polo steed:

sick bike, a chick was riding it. *drool*

 out of the like 8 people there, three? were girls.
pretty cool, one of them was real good. 

 polo in japan was a bit different from hawaii.
they don't play very rough, there were only like three crashes.
almost everyone ran freewheel.
 and no alcohol

 i feel like one of the reasons why people in hawaii play
is to hang out with everyone and have a beer or two

polo in japan is serious business, haha

 chargin' it! chee!

they play every wednesday and friday, 
good exercise, i think i'll go out pretty often!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

retrospective: seigo's art show

 one of my teachers is having a huge art show here in kochi.

 30 years worth of work, 400 pieces.

 their last hurrah, they're going into the dumpster after this.

i was asking him why, if i were an artist, i would rather have
my works up on someone's wall, than in the dumpster.

i'd give my paintings away for free if i could!
but he said that if people get art for free, 
they won't take care of it. 
they don't feel the value in the painting.
that's why he'd rather destroy it.

i understand but deep down i don't.
is art about value? or for enjoyment?
i still feel like i'd rather have my art displayed somewhere,
rather than try to make a buck off of it.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

tarbo in kochi

 meet tarbo!
i met him with his two buddies matt and hiromi
at hirome!
(he bought these glasses to look like me)

   he was chilling alone so i picked him up
we went to godaisan
 he danced yosakoi

 we went to see mr. ryoma at katsurahama

quick portrait!
 hit kurasushi after with matt
 last sushi

 anyway, it was good times. glad to have met this crazy guy.
always enjoying life, taking things one step at a time.
always pushing forward!
seems to enjoy the little things, i dig that.

hiroya came in and we had dinner at fusa's too.  

i need to take the dslr out more! running out of pictures!