Monday, December 24, 2012

just another sunday

Nishi-sensei has a quite a history with the church
and Hamada-sensei has been trying 
to get Nishi-sensei to come visit Tosa Church again
so he came! success!

after that i cruised over into the depths of ino
to a japanese paper museum/factory

they were having an event at qraud
of music, food, crafts, gifts, fun

some buddies performed (Guy and Mia)

and i got to talk to this girl.
she calls herself tabineko.

i've seen her before, 
and was just blown away at the way she carried herself
she's really, really, really weird, 
but really, really, really, really awesome

just full-on herself

and she's got a killer voice
im always looking forward to her crazy facebook posts and blog entries

side note, bon voyage mia,
hope you're having a good time!

good sunday, good sunday


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