Friday, November 30, 2012


being with awkward teenagers reminds me of 
when i used to be a king

Thursday, November 29, 2012

a night out

 last month i had a real good night out with some teachers

 the art teachers at this school 
are pretty much the coolest people

 we just so happened to come across another english teacher

 holding a big camera gets you girls, apparently..

 acchan taking a piss

 this is my spot, if i'm out i'm usually here

 went to yokoji-'s spot, 
best gyoza in kochi, i think!

before that we went to this cool little showa spot,
real old fashioned, cool posters and toys around. 
and cheap! but not that good..haha

Monday, November 12, 2012

kochi speech contest 2012

the kochi 2012 speech contest was a few days ago

real beautiful spot, nice buildings

crazy foreigners

pretty intense turnout, 
i think over a hundred students gave speeches that day
(in English!)

our school tore it up!
unfortunately tosa jr/sr high school tore it up too..
we won junior 2, but tosa took the rest..

but we won! junior 2! whoop whoop!
gooooo tosajuku!

check out this sticker, haha

Sunday, November 11, 2012

friday polo!

not much to say about this one..
good times, friday nights.

Friday, November 9, 2012

business trip to kagawa

10.25.12 was my first ever business trip.
we went to the prefecture next to us for a teaching conference.

why was i able to go, instead of all the veteran teachers?
cause our school was chosen to give a presentation 
on effective team teaching methods.

it was about a 2 hour drive

we drove past this thing, and they said it's called
the sanuki fuji
pastor kuroda was there too, trip!

intense bento, like 12 different things in it

it was held at a beautiful white campus

and of course, my school put me up for the night,
in a beautiful hotel! single room! chee!

didn't do any sightseeing, but saw this from the car

and on the second day, 
we went to eat some authentic kagawa ramen!

all in all, twas a good trip.
feels good to be paid to learn, paid to eat, 
paid to stay in a hotel! 
i wish i had gotten a massage!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

halloween polo! 103hcbp

i'm actually really, really stoked to have met these guys!

everyone is actually cool. 
no one tries to be someone they aren't.. 
no one tries to push themselves to be different..

everyone is honest, healthy, real!

last week we played halloween polo!
there weren't that many people out but it's still a good time

everyone just chills out and enjoys each others' company

tough finding a group of guys who are actually cool in japan..