Monday, August 24, 2009

but mainly riding


not only riding!

not only did i ride bikes, but i ...

saw yosakoi!

wake boarded!

inner tubed?

hanabi taikai!

ate sushi!

did my own hanabi taikai!

and started a super secret project!

and finally, Kochi!

kochi is so dope.
met up with riders the first day i got there
k.f.c. <3

it was crazy hot
but riding with these guys was the best


so my bike has been packed up this whole time
like 3 days of no riding.
haven't gone that long in a while..

but we went to himeji!
pretty much the most badass castle in japan.


it was crazy hot outside, so we checked it out
and stopped in a shop for some anago don
it was suuuper good
(forgot to take pics before..)


okay! real day in kobe.
had to kill half of the day waiting,
but went to nanking machi,
the china town(street) of kobe.

black manapua was crazy

got pulled into a hole in the wall
chinese food shop cause it was
i think that's all she knew how to say!

but it actually was pretty cheap and delicious

and our server was really nice!

kobe jazz swing of lights!

i hadn't ridden a ferris wheel in forever!

finished our night with some medal game
someone gave us a butt load of tokens!

Pack up the bike, off to Kobe! Nara?

so i know what you're thinking.
no deer in kobe! they're in nara!

i met up with my friend in kobe
and we went to nara!

had some tempura deer soba!
(i keeed)


Tuesday, August 4, 2009


i haven`t gone to a service in two weeks
so i rushed to see takashi get baptized!
it was a suuuper cute church!

that night we went to this super far place to eat ramen

one of the best ramen i`ve ever had!
the drive was like an hour.. crazy
totally worth it though.
takashi took me around osaka the next day
namba, kuidaore, etc.
ocean cycle factory!
met up with kanako the next day
to see this freaking huge aquarium!
entry fee was kinda expensivos
but totally worth it.


dont know if you remember these girls,
but they visited hawaii a while back.
started the day with a parfait!

off to kiyomizu!

there was a omikuji there
regarding love!

i picked one and out of like seven levels,
i got the second to the worst.
i kept it anyway :p

saw kinkakuji!
my harlem!

ended the night again at an izakaya.
this one was really good though,
300yen per item
so it ended up really cheap!
super fun day


this station is huge!
got to kyoto station.

stayed at a hotel that night,
was bored so i called some friends
and we decided to have some drinks in the lobby.
takuji got pretty crunk

sightseeing the next day!

kyoto university!
got a message that night from
the ritsumeikan girls
saying that they could meet up.

im pretty badass at ufo catcher.

ended the night at an izakaya
which was pretty cheap
and pretty good!


decided that nagoya - kyoto would be too far
so i only spent one night in nagoya and
decided to sleep at hikone instead.
i think it was about 70km from nagoya to hikone,
(i rode a bit at this point, and hikone is past maibara)
caught up with some slow ass roadies, haha.


theres a castle in hikone,
which is why i decided to stop there.

i also stopped by a little bike shop
where we talked for a bit.
super cool lbs!
at this point, i decided that
hikone would be too boring to stay at
and a waste of money,
so i took a train to kyoto.
i`m practically out of money,
so at this point i`ve semi-officially given up
the bike trip.
biking costs money (hotel)
and by the end of the ride,
im too tired to sightsee
biking at the destination is so much better.
so it`s now going to be the bring the bike along,
backpacking, trainriding trip.