Monday, April 27, 2009

New Parts! <3 Samson

all city double straps
traitor cycles seatpost
mks sylvans!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Metric Century! (いちこさん、おめでとぉー!)

Haleiwa Metric Century!

this is the route.
100km, 62 miles.
brutal (but fun!) ride

(oh yeah, it's from A to B, then BACK to A)

there were a few muddy spots..

it started at 7:30,
so i woke up at 5,
got ready, left to meet OMC at 5:45,
got there at 6:45 after a bit of trouble,
headed out at 7!

came back at 10:35, so
3:35 total riding time!
not too shabby

and this was me after the race,

anything that came in contact
with the saddle was numb...
still numb.

Ichiko san Omedetou!

i wanna get married!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Parties, Last Days, Rebirth, Maids, Food.

water with lemon is what kings drink

i make it rain

last day in hawaii,
but i'll see you in japan!

ある意味 last day

another last day.
i'm sure a lot was on his mind

who does this maid like better?

i think this robot had a thing for me
his hand was on my shoulder..

last big meal with everyone..

bonus: last time i'll ever see a balla-ass purple dumptruck