Saturday, March 20, 2010

aloha sunday, skye's birthday, sake street, matchy matchy, chandan, going broke

aloha sunday revival!

played polo for the first time in my life,
and it was HARD

skye also had her birthday extravaganza!
she had too much tequila

you're not even in the picture!

btw she's the one in the black.

matt hooked it up
chandan, my new favorite incense.

so weird story,
ex coworker looks at current coworkers facebook,
sees my picture.
said ex coworker calls me up excited
tells me that i need to come to her current workplace
called sake street (facebook)

call up two friends i met over the past weekend
and we go enjoy some sake!
(didn't take pictures, whoops)

im going broke!

but friday is bike matchy-matchy day.
i swear i didn't plan it,
it just happened like this

and some friends are leaving for japan!
boo :(
Ayumu and Tomoe!
farewell brians.
have a great time in japan!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

nothing too exciting

recently i found out a friend of mine
really really really


likes ben and jerry's ice cream.

and hit up the sake shop, which was pretty cool!
lots of good stuff.
better brands, world sake imports..
gotta come back when i got money
and someone to drink with

i love this group
good fun, always

bonus pic of a random phone number
i found in my back pocket.
i seriously, honestly don't know where it came from..

today i met some ritsumei people!
a bunch of girls and two guys
hopefully i'll get to see them again,
maybe in kyoto?

anyway, life has been pretty boring
lots of work and less and less school
but i want a DSLR so that my pictures
aren't all just blah iphone pics